Dear Valued Guests,

During recent weeks news of the spread of Coronavirus has dominated media coverage and has understandably become of great concern to potential Hotel Borobudur Jakarta guests and visitors.

We want you to know that Hotel Borobudur Jakarta is committed to creating a clean and safe experience for all guests, visitors and staff. Using W.H.O. recommended products that kill the COVID-19 virus, our hotel staff is being extra diligent in sanitizing guest rooms including bathrooms, door handles, desk table and chairs, light switches and thermostats, telephone and remote, safety latches and locks, exteriors/corridors and common areas. We have enhanced our cleaning protocols to include additional sanitation and cleaning routines. This enhanced cleaning protocol increases the cleaning and sanitization of high-touch areas that affect guests and employees. The high-touch areas are being cleaned and sanitized several times a day.
We are taking every measure to keep our guests safe!

Hotel Borobudur Jakarta is screening all staff, vendors and business partners also asking anyone visiting our hotel that have a temperature or display flu like symptoms to stay at home in order to keep our hotel safe. We are also asking all guests to fill out a health declaration and for those who might be experiencing flu like symptoms to notify the Reception desk immediately for assistance. Our hotel is ready to provide medical assistance to our guests should this become necessary.

We encourage all guests to wash their hands and make use of the hand sanitizer stations we have provided throughout the hotel. We also want to point out some important safeguards we have taken including temperature screening stations at all entrances to the hotel, the installation of UV light stations to ensure that there is little chance that the virus could survive airborne transmission and enhanced screening of arriving guests. It is also important to note that all water used in the hotel is UV treated to eliminate any possible germ or virus transmission. These are only a few of the many extra precautions that we at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta are taking to keep you safe!

Your health and safety are a top priority for us and we at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta are taking every possible step to ensure you are safe while you enjoy your stay with us. We are here to answer any questions you may have related to our prevention measures. We invite you to contact us at info@hotelborobudur.com or call us at (+62-21) 380 5555.



James Costa
General Manager


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