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Katsu Ryouri Selections

Chef Tomohiko Omori presents the best Katsu creations you can find in town

鰻かつ | Unagi Katsu
Deep-fried Panko-breaded Eel with Spicy Katsu Sauce
IDR 278,000 net per portion

海鮮かつ鍋 | Kaisen Katsunabe
Deep-fried Panko-breaded Prawn, Scallops, and Salmon simmered with Egg Sauce in Hot Pot
IDR 278,000 net per portion

和風おろしカツ | Wa-fu Oroshi Katsu
Deep-fried Panko-breaded Wagyu Beef with Spicy Katsu Sauce

IDR 398,000 net per portion

カツサンド | Katsu Sandwich
Crispy Panko crust with minced Rib-Eye Beef Sandwich glazed in Spiced Sauce

IDR 178,000 net per portion

 Valid until 30th June 2021

Price is subject to 21% service charge & government tax
For reservations, please call (+62-21) 380 5555, 383 5000 ext. 73100



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