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Sousaku Nigiri Sushi | 創作握り寿司 - Miyama

Various Nigiri Sushi are now available at Miyama Japanese Restaurant. Choose your favorite!


Tacos Sushi | タコス寿司

Taco Shells, Sushi Rice with Guacamole, Tuna & Salmon

IDR 188,000++/portion


One Spoon | ワンスプーン寿司

Chef Omori’s Special Sushi with 6 kinds of Topping

IDR 178,000++/portion


Sushi Tori Katsu Burger | 寿司バーガー

Rice Bun filled with Breaded Chicken, Avocado, Pickled Cucumber & Spicy Mayo

IDR 178,000++/portion


Sushi Moriawase | 寿司コンボ

Nigiri Roll, selections of Sashimi served with Soya & Pickled Ginger for 2-4 persons

IDR 388,000++/portion


Valid August 2019

Price is subject to 21% service charge & government tax

For reservations, please call (+62-21) 380 5555, 383 5000 ext. 73100

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