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ハンバーグフエスタ | Hamburg Festival

Japanese Hamburg is a very popular beef dish in Japan that everyone likes. Chef Omori Tomohiko prepares variety of Hamburg dish in Japanese style that will please your taste buds.


煮込みハンバーグチュー | Nikomi Hamburg Stew

Hamburg and Vegetables Stew with Miso Demi-Glace

IDR 298,000++/portion


炉端串焼きバーグ | Robata Kushiyaki Burger

4 different Roasted Bugler Skewers: Teriyaki, Miso, Japanese Herbs and Cheese Sauce

IDR 328,000++/portion


味噌だれハンバーグ | Miso-Dare Hamburg

Meat Ball with Miso-Tomato Sauce

IDR 298,000++/portion


和風ハンバーグ | Wa-Fu Hamburg

Hamburg Steak with Grated White Radish and Teriyaki Sauce

IDR 298,000++/portion


Served with Appetizer, Salad, Steamed Rice, Miso Soup, Pickles and Dessert


Price is subject to 21% service charge & government tax

For reservations, please call (+62-21) 380 5555, 383 5000 ext. 73100

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